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After Much Trials, These Were The Steps I Followed To Cook A Delicious Cocoyam Soup

After eating cocoyam soup for the very first time in my aunt's house, I developed likeness for it. I wanted to eat it again anytime I wanted but the problem was that I couldn't cook it. However, I decided to consult my aunt to know how it's being cooked. After the consultations, I decided to test myself.

The plate of cocoyam soup above is the result of my practical, after consulting my aunt as I stated earlier. Don't be surprised because men can also cook.

It took me much time and several attempts before I could cook this delicious plate of cocoyam soup above.

The ingredients I used were: 10 pieces of Cocoyam, Salt, 1 cup of Crayfish, 1 Onion, Fresh Meat, pieces of Stock Fish, 2 cubes of Maggi, Red Oil, Pepper, Vegetable Leaf, 2 cups of water and achi

Here are the steps I followed to cook it:

1. I washed the cocoyam and allowed it to boil for about thirty minutes (30 mins)

2. The next thing I did was to boil the red meat and the pieces of stock fish. I added onion, salt and maggi to the meat and stock fish. I allowed it to be tender.

3. I peeled the already cooked cocoyam and pound it in a motar until it was soft. I also blended the Achi and pound it with the cocoyam for about 10 minutes. I finally added red oil and pound it again.

4. Like my aunt instructed me, I moulded the cocoyam into small balls and put it in the pot. I allowed it to boil very well until the soup thickened as I desired it.

5. Finally, I added crayfish, pepper, salt and vegetable leaf. I let it boil for 4 minutes. I put the soup down and served

Content created and supplied by: NwannekaEsi (via Opera News )

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