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Foods You Shouldn't Give Your Children During Rainy Season

Foods You Shouldn't Give Your Children This Rainy Season

Foods children to avoid during rainy season 

1. Food that contain a lot of oil should not be given to children during rainy period. Too much of oil is not good in the body normally. So during rainy season, it lower the digestion of food which might be unhealthy to children.

 Also Fried food that contain a lot of oil also slow down the digestive process.

2. Don't give kids food that contains Curd such as yogurt. Curd has cooling components that's why it is not good during rainy season due to cold. It can also worsen sinuses condition.

3. Soft drunks that usually contains carbonated water reduce the minerals in our bodies which lead to reduction in enzyme activities. This will affect children digestive system due to cold. The digestive system will get weak which might result to different kind of sickness.

4. Some fruits such as mango are not good for kids to eat during rainy season. It is capable of causing skin problem. 

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