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3 Signs That Show A Chicken Is Bad And Unhealthy For Consumption

Chicken is a very nutritious and a portion of delicious food that is so rich in protein and also a good source of vitamins and other essential minerals. Chicken is a staple for most families and it is also one of the most eating poultry birds by humans.

In as much as it is we like eating chicken, it is the most reason why we should take a proper look at every single chicken we eat so we can get the best out of every bite without putting our health at risk.

That is why in this article, I decided to put up some pieces on how you can spot out a bad chicken and dispose It off quickly because if it is consumed it can cause great harm to our health. Also, some persons must have accidentally eaten bad chicken and must have gotten the highest level of dissatisfaction. If this happens to you in an eatery, I'm sure you wouldn't go back there even for a snack. How about if this happens in your home, what would you do? That's why this is very much important so please sit tight and read till the end.

Fortunately, you can look for certain signs to make sure you’re eating chicken that is safe for you without any form of fear or doubt. Here we go!

1. Appearance and colour

The way a chicken looks can help you determine whether it is good or bad.

Raw chicken should have light pink color with white fatty pieces. If the flesh is gray or green or if the fat is yellow, this is a sign of spoilage and you should discard the chicken. Although it’s normal if there are mild color changes in the chicken’s flesh.

Cooked chicken should be white, with no pink pieces of flesh. Pink flesh is a sign of undercooked chicken. If you’re storing chicken as leftovers in a fridge, it shouldn't be more than 3 days, and If you notice any visible signs of mold growth or color changes between the time you put the chicken in the refrigerator and when you intend to eat it, throw it away.

2. Smell

One of the signs of bad chicken is a foul smell. If your chicken has a very apparent smell, such as a sour or sulfur-like smell similar to rotten eggs, throw it out. However, you should never rely on smell alone to determine if a chicken is safe to eat look for other signs too.

3. Texture

If the chicken feels slimy, sticky, or tacky, it is a sign that it has gone bad. If your hands have a slimy residue on them after touching raw chicken, this is a sign it has gone bad too.

Even in cooked chicken, if you notice any texture changes, such as increased softness, sliminess, stickiness, or residue, it’s likely no longer safe to eat.

Source: Healthline

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