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Are You Tired of Frying Your Stew? Learn this Simple Method of Preparing a Tasty Stew at Home

This Article contains a simple and easy method which you can use to prepare your stew instead of frying it. In Africa, most people fry their stews and we all now adopt to the method of frying stews. But to my opinion, i think frying of stew if not 100% safe for our health because fried stew due to the oil content makes it dangerous to the human health as it increases the level of cholesterol in the body.

We all know very well that fried stuffs or foods are high in fat, calories, and often salt. But am not going into that lecture today, you can still google about them and read to gain Knowledge and save yourself from excess fried stuffs. With this my method of preparing stew without frying can still help you change Pattern of cooking instead of having fried stew all the time.

Without wasting much time, below are the simple method of preparing your delicious and tasty stew without frying, which is also stress free. Take your time to read and learn this splendid procedure, also if you loved it, then don't forget to share the knowledge with your friends or you can also share this Article to them so they can as well read it.

Let's Know the Ingredients Needed

1. Your Fresh Red Tomatoes

2. Fresh Onions

3. Shombo

4. Fresh redish pepper

5. Your meat, which can be either Fish or chicken or even both.

6. Gather all your favourite Seasonings

Garlic and ginger

Make use of any Vegetable oil of your choice

Your fresh Curry & pumpkin leave (optional)

NOTE: You wont be needing tomatoes paste in this kind of preparation, so keep it aside.


STEP 1: Get your fresh tomatoes, fresh redish pepper, onion, ginger and garlic according to quanty of your choice, then wash them properley and blend all together into a smooth paste. Also note, when blending, do not add to much water.

Also if you don't have a blender, you can make use of your morta and pestle to blend them into smooth form. See image below of what it should look like after a succesfull blending.

STEP 2: Wash your preffered choice of meat, which can be either chicken or red meat, then add a cube of maggi (any brand of your choice), and heat it of fire (cook), cook it till it boils for few minutes.

STEP 3: Carefully slice your remaining pieces of ginger, onion, garlic and keep it aside.

STEP 4: Properly wash off diets from your vegetables, then cut them into a desirable size

The Above method is the primary section, now let's move over to the preparation process.

STEP 5: Get your cooking pot, make sure it's clean, place it on your source of heat (can be electric cooker, stove, gas cooker or even charcoal stove), now pour in your well blended ingredients into the pot, then allow them to heat for 2 - 3 minutes.

STEP 6: Next, add in your well sliced items (Onions, Garlic and Ginger), and allow them to boil together for additional 7 minutes, which should be 10 minutes in total now. Then pour in the meat of your choice.

STEP 7: When your meat is also boiling, add some vegetable oil inside. Allow it to cook for 20 - 30 minutes so the flavour of the meat you are using can absorb into the stew very well, then you will also be perceiving some tempting aroma, then you are gettinv it right.

STEP 8: At the very moment you now noticed that your stew is no longer making some foam or it's not foaming on top, then get your salt and all your desireable seasonings, but also keep in mind thay you also used a cube of seasoning to cook your meat, so reduce the quantity you will be adding this time to the stew.

STEP 9: Now at this point, when you notice the oil is on top of your stew and also your stew is getting thicker, then it's a simple meaning that your stew is now ready. So add in your sliced and desirable vegetables. Please don't cover yet aftet adding the sliced vegetables, allow the stew to cook again for like 4 - 6 minutes, then your stew is completley ready.

Cook your Rice and enjoy your perfect, delicious and tasty stew.

Sincerely, to me this method of preparing stew without frying is the most healthy way, and also with the delicious and yummy taste. So if you can try it you will surely love it.

Thanks for your time, Like and Share to your friends, drop your comments if you have tried it before, also don't forget to followup for more quality updates.

Content created and supplied by: McTwinkleToes (via Opera News )

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