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Learn The Simple Way to Grill your Fish, Chicken or Meat

Learn the simple way to grill your fish or chicken or meat

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Grilling is the act of roasting of fish or chicken or meat. It's also referred to as barbecue. There is a modern equipment used in doing this but you can also grill your fish using your frying pan.

In order to achieve a perfect grill, add little vegetable oil into the frying pan. Lower the heat of the cooker and allow it to grill slowly.

Turn it when necessary until it is fully roasted. 

Before you grill your fish, add all your seasoning and spices then put it into the frying pan. Mind you, don't add much oil so that it won't fry. Stir it continuously so that it won't burn.

This is one of the preservative methods to prevent your fish from spoiling. Also, it's a way to roast your fish in order to maintain its sweetness. As long as you have grill your fish, you can use it to eat rich or any other meal. You can also eat it alone.

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