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Photos and reasons why African mothers are unique

When we want to talk about the attributes of a mother the first place we turn to is African mother's. To be a mother marks a female social completion in Africa. Without it, one is not an adult, or certainly not an adult who receives full respect.

I strongly believe all mothers are a special type of being. However, the African mother possesses some extra qualities that make us unique.

1. Oh yes! that black melanin popping beautiful woman! She is her husband’s pride and crown, a gift to her children and a blessing to her loved ones!

2. That typical black African mother who treks long distances under the sun and works hard in the farm, even with her baby wrapped at her back just to make sure that her family survives and feed.

3. She can go hungry all day as long as her children feed. (endless sacrifice)

4. She is not shy breastfeeding her baby in public.

5. She stays awake at night caring for her little baby.

6. She’s fond of bringing back treats for her children anytime she goes for an event or party.

7. Hmm... she loves to cook delicious local meals. ( this is one important skill of african mothers).

8. She defends her children, even if it’s a life-threatening situation.

9. She is a natural teacher, a role model her children look up to.

10. She comforts her children when in distress. Even when they become adults she is always there as a comforter.

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