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New Method On How To Prepare Ogbono Soup Mix With Egusi

Learning is said to be a continuous process. However, in this article I will be teaching you a new way of preparing Ogbono Soup Mix With Egusi.

This Soup you are about to learn is very special and unique , if you follow the procedure infact you can be thinking of cooking only Ogbono alone.

See below the ingredients involve:

1. Ogbono and Egusi

2. Bitter leaf

3. Meat or chicken

4. Kpomo

5. Stock fish and dry fish

6. Crayfish

7. Onions

8. Pepper

9. Maggie

10. Red oil

See the full preparetion below:

Step 1: Grind your Ogbono mix with Egusi keep aside.

Step 2: Steam your meat ,kpomo, stock fish and dry fish with Maggie and onions. Allow it boil for some minutes and bring it down from fire

Step 3: Put a fresh pot on fire add red oil allow it hot then pour you Ogbono mix with Egusi and fry it for some minutes.

Step 4: pour your steam meat inside the fry Ogbono.

Step 5: Add the necessary ingredients to your taste ( Maggi, pepper, salt, crayfish).

Step 6: finally, add bitter leaf and allow it boil .

Hurray! The soup is ready to serve the family. You can eat it with Eba, Fufu, Pounded yam or Tuwo.

If you learn something new things morning. Kindly help drop your comment and share

Content created and supplied by: Frankcityblog (via Opera News )

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