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8 Regular Things In South Korea Which Might Feel Strange For The World

8 Regular Things In South Korea Which Might Feel Strange For The World

No one nation is similar to another. What might be common knowledge to you, it may not sit well with others. The culture, the habits of people are not same everywhere.

At once, it may seem a country’s way of living is so alien to some other country. But that is how the world is right. It is beautiful owing owing to its differences.

If we resent the opposites and differences, we can never grow. Only when we embrace the newness will we overcome.

Today, at Wishora, we would bring to you a list of things from South Korea, which might not be conventional for many people around the world.

The men here love make up

The men here have no pretence when it comes to make up. They openly embrace the fact that they love taking care of themselves aesthetically.

They can sleep anywhere

South Koreans have the knack of sleeping anywhere and everywhere. We surely think this is a big blessing.

Perks of being a pregnant woman in South Korea

If you are an expecting mother in South Korea, then you surely are in the right country. A pregnant woman is greeted with bright pink seats in local trains there.

Happy greeting cards are given away cheering the mother to be.

The government gives away $500 to an expecting mother, she could spend this amount anywhere, the way she likes it for maternal needs.

Don’t right a Korean name in red ink

It is not considered a good omen if you write someone’s name in red ink. People consider this is as bad as someone passing away, if their name is written in red.

Fast food delivered and cleaned too from the doorstep

This is a thing in South Korea which is quite popular. There is one lesson which other countries might take away from it.

There are many restaurants and fast food outlets here. Who not only deliver fresh food at home but they also take away the dirty dishes outside the door. Once we are done eating and they will come later to get them.

They arrange get togethers anywhere

South Korean youth don’t need to meet up at a specific restaurant to discuss life goals or party in general. They can very well meet up at any random spot and start celebrating.

The uniform school code for kindergartens

This is something to love about South Korea. In a South Korean School, it won’t be that hard for parents to find their kid as they have a specific colour code for the kids in kindergarten.

Couples in similar dresses

Dressing similarly is a way of life for couple in South Korea. They have taken the trend of being fashionable and in love to an altogether different level.

Couples here love to dress similarly and co-ordinate with their colours.

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