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Checkout 4 Key Nutrients Your Breakfast Should Contain

The first food we eat in the morning is called breakfast and it is a delicate meal, this is what gives us a good start for the day and provides most of the nutrients we need to actively function from morning till afternoon, it is advisable to always eat breakfast and do so with knowledge of what we eat.

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What I mean by this is that we should not jump on any food we see and tag it "breakfast", we should not just give preference to any light food we can lay our hands on, but we should eat foods that contain key nutrients that we required for breakfast.

If you're wondering what the "key nutrients" that breakfast should contain are, then you'll find out in a bit. Many a times people in this part of the world give preference to foods like bread and tea, pap and Akara, rice and stew, bread, egg and tea, etc., as regards breakfast but have you ever stopped to think if you're getting the required nutrients from those foods?

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Having said all that, according to, here are 4 Key nutrients that breakfast should contain.

1. Calcium.

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Calcium is one of the nutrients that breakfast should contain, it has the function of building strong bones, it helps nerves and heart muscles function properly and it has its feet in other areas of human health, calcium can be found in foods such as milk, cheese, green leafy vegetables and more.

2. B Vitamins.

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B vitamins are numerous and they are beneficial to our health, we can find them in a lot of foods, some of them include eggs, milk, red meat, chicken, spinach, kale, mackerel, salmon, and oysters. These foods are good for consumption and they offer a good amount of vitamin B, the function of vitamin B in the human body is maintaining good health and well-being.

3. Iron.

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As a nutrient, iron is essential as regards blood production, the nutrient plays a major role in the process and it has been named among the key nutrients that breakfast should contain. Some foods that are rich in iron are as follows; beans, seafood, red meat, pork, etc.

4. Fibre.

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Fiber helps keep the digestive system in good shape, keeping a healthy digestive system via eating foods that are rich in fiber is not a bad idea, it is also good I mention that fiber is a key nutrient for breakfast.

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