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10 Nigerian Foods That Increase Breast Milk Supply

In igbo it is called omugwo, in yoruba it's called ojojo omo while in hausa its called wanka' n jegoin. Its an age long customs In Nigeria.

 During this highly anticipated period, new mothers(especially first-timers) are usually encouraged to rest as they ease into their new roles as mothers. An important aspect of this role is child nourishment, new mothers are usually put through indigenous methods to improve milk production. One method our African mothers rely largely on is regular suckling by the infant

 However, for some mothers, this strategy is often insufficient as they often deal with pain while breastfeeding and struggle daily to produce enough milk for their babies.

Let's see some foods that boost breast milk production

 Fura de nunu ( Milk and Millet Gruel)

This is a common beverage originating from the Fulani people of Nigeria . With Fura de nunu, you have a rich, delicious blend of fermented cows milk (nunu) and millet dough (fura).Fura contains many essential nutrients which improve breast milk production.

 Ofada Rice

Known globally as brown rice, locally grown Ofada /Abakaliki Rice is an effective addition to your diet as a nursing mother because it contains a variety nutrients like minerals, vitamin B and E. It also contains hormonal stimulants that help to improve lactation and increase breast milk production.

 Kaun (Pot-ash/ Keun / Akanwu)

Potash is a general name given to potassium containing compounds. Kaun, a lake- salt, is an ancient Nigerian food additive used in traditional cooking that has been known to add flavour and improve the taste of a dish. It's a form of potash. Other sources are from palm kernel shells and dried, roasted unripe plantain peels.


Popularly known as Akamu, Ogi, Eko or its fancier name, African Corn Porridge, this is a fermented pudding cereal made from millet, maize or sorghum. It is a food packed with numerous essential nutrients like carbohydrate, B vitamins, folic acid, vitamins A and C, potassium, zinc and others. it's highly nutriciuos and good for lactating mothers.


Eating carrots is a great way to boost lactation as they contain vitamin A and potassium, which help to improve the quality and quantity of breast milk. Eating carrots are a great way to increase your supply as well as loose weight

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