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Home-Made Butter Recipe: Simple Steps For Making Butter From The Comfort Of Your Home.


Heavy whipping cream


To begin, pour some cups of chilled heavy cream into the bowl of a blender, food processor, or stand mixer with a whisk attachment.

Note: For those of you using a stand mixer; creating butter may be a very messy operation, as the buttermilk will splash out of the bowl with each turn of the beaters as it starts to separate. Even if your mixer has a splash guard, it's still a good idea to cover the top of the mixer with plastic wrap to close any gaps as this will prevent spills from getting into the mixer.

Set your mixer at moderately high speed and beat the cream for about 10 to 12 minutes, or until soft peaks form. In about 5 more minutes, turn up the speed to high and continue beating the mixture until it separates into thin liquid buttermilk and thick pale-yellow butter.

Use your hands to knead the mixture after pouring the contents of the mixer into a colander that has been placed over a bowl.

This will allow the buttermilk to filter into the bowl while the solids remain in the colander. For about five minutes, squeeze the butter into your palms until it becomes thick and creamy. Rinse the butter repeatedly in cold water to remove the buttermilk to prolong its shelf life and keep its freshness.

Your butter is ready and can be stored in any container.

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