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If You See Yourself Eating Yam In A Dream, This Is What It Means

If you see yourself eating yam in a dream, this is what it means.

Firstly, let me clear the controversial belief that eating in the dream is evil. Eating in the dream have nothing to do with spiritual problem.

Many people get afraid or gives wrong interpretation about eating in the dream. But eating in the dream depends on the condition surrounding it.

Yam is a good source of carbohydrate with good nutrition that nourish the body.

When you see yourself eating this Sweet food in dream it signify improvement. 

It also represent inner strength, good health and good harvest.

Also eating yam in the dream can also mean you are going to eat the fruit of your labour, abundance of blessing from your struggles.

Eat yam in a dream can also means your traditional marriage is coming soon. Yam is one of the traditional food we have. Which it form can be transform in different ways before eating. So it means, you are about to do traditional marriage.

When you eat yam and equally share to others to eat, it means you are showing the feeling of love and care to people.

So don't believe the lies that eating in the dream is evil but depends on the environment you found yourself eating

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