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8 delicious meals you can make with plantain

Plantain is a Nigerian staple food which is popularly eaten in many homes. The plantain tree usually grown mostly in the South western and eastern part of the country.

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 During its season, people tend to make different mouthwatering dishes with both ripe and unripe plantain. In this article, 8 of the many plantain meals will be discussed.

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1. Boiled plantain

This is a simple plantain recipe. It is prepared by cooking ripe or unripe plantain which can be eaten with any sauce of choice.

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2. Fried plantain (dodo)

As its name implies, fried plantain is normally fried with oil. It can be eaten as main meal or added to another food such as beans or rice.

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3. Plantain chips

This is a popular Nigerian snacks that is made with unripe plantain.

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4. Plantain fufu

Plantain fufu is prepared by blending dried unripe plantain which is later prepared like semolina.

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5. Plantain and egg frittata

This is an easy plantain meal whereby plantain is spread on an egg omellete. 

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6. Roasted plantain (bole)

Roasted plantain is a popular Nigerian street snack made by roasting plantain.

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7. Plantain moi moi

This is a popular Igbo delicacy made with over ripe plantain. 

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8. Gizdodo

Gizdodo is a name given to a meal made with gizzards and plantain sauce.

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Do you know the above plantain meals? You can also add the plantain meals in your area to the list through the comments section. 

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