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Simple method to convert your dates to syrup

Dates are natural sweetener with numerous benefits to humankind. Dates can be eaten alone and can also be turned to syrup for better usage. 

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This article will teach you simple method to convert your dates into syrup.


1. Dates

2. Water

Instruments needed for making date syrup

1. Big bowl for soaking the dates

2. Pot

3. Source of heat

4. Mash

5. Container for storing the date syrup

6. Refrigerator

7. Coliander


1. Wash the dates and put into clean bowl.

2. Boil water and pour it on the dates. Soak the dates with enough hot water and cover it up with lid till the next day.

3. Mash the dates and drain with a coliander.

4. After removing the seeds and the remnants, pour the water into the pot and boil. 

5. Boil till it appears thick or looks like honey.

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6. Pour into the a container and keep in refrigerator for future use. You can add your date syrup to foods and beverages.

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Note that date syrup is a natural sweetener, it can be used in place of white sugar. Tom brown, pap, tea, pan cakes and other beverages are few of the numerous examples of the foods you can eat with date syrup.

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