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5 Nigerian beverage drinks you should try out for refreshment


Soybeans is a nutritious legume from which soymilk is derived. Soymilk is delicious and full of nutrients as documented by nutritionists. The milk is gotten by cooking the soy paste that has been previously blended. You can add sweetener and other spices to your milk as you want to it. Soymilk is a nutritious Nigerian beverage for both children and adults to drink as refreshment.

Zobo drink

This is a Nigerian beverage drink that is made with dried hibiscus flower (zobo leaves). It is prepared with nutritious spices such as ginger and cloves. Natural or artificial sweeteners can be used for zobo drink and is best served chilled.

Tigernuts drink

Tigernut drink is prepared with various fruits such as dates, coconut and tiger nuts. It can serve as refreshment for both children and adults.

Chocolate drink

This is a drink prepared with processed cocoa powder. It is a delicious drink that can be taken as refreshment at anytime of the day.

Millet balls and yoghurt

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Nigerian Soybeans


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