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See The Fastest Way To Wash Your Burnt Jellof Rice Pot(Pictures)

Cooking food is easy, eating the food is even easier, but washing the pot and plates is the hardest. Everybody hates washing plates, I grew up angry every morning whenever I see the plates I had to wash, the worst of all was that burnt Jellof rice pot.

Burnt Jellof rice pot is actually harder to wash, most times I end up hiding or throwing away the pot because, of the stress involved in it. Ever since I discovered an easy way to wash the pot, things are now better, thanks to Tspice kitchen.

I saw her post on her page, about how to wash jellof rice pot fast and easily, with descriptive pictures. I decided to share it with you guys to learn, after today you would wash pots happily, see the procedure below;

1. First of all pour some water into your burnt pot.

2. Pour in some liquid soap or detergent.

3. Put the pot on the fire and allow it to boil for a few minutes, so as to soften the rice.

4. Pour the water out of the pot.

5. After pouring out the water, the pot would be soft by now and easy to scrape out the rice.

6. Use a spoon and scrape off the soft rice thoroughly, then you can wash it with your sponge, it would be shining by now.

Thanks for viewing, please share this so others can see, don't forget to comment and follow me for more.

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