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Why You Should Avoid Eating Pork

According to Healthline, people avoid eating pork for a variety of reasons, including religious beliefs, personal values and health issues.

Specific reasons include:

Health hazards: if not properly cooked, pork can cause foodborne illnesses such as trichinosis, salmonella and E. coli.

In addition, eating undercooked or raw pork increases the risk of contracting parasites and tapeworms.

Ethical issues: some people avoid eating pork because of concerns about the treatment of factory-farmed pigs.

Although pigs are intelligent and sociable animals, they are sometimes reared in inhumane conditions in factories.

Religious reasons: some religions, such as Islam and Judaism, prohibit the consumption of pork.

Environmental impact: pork production is resource-intensive and has a significant environmental impact, including deforestation, water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

It is important to note that not all pork production is the same and there are sustainable pork options that address some of these issues.

However, avoiding pork is one way to limit demand for inhumane and environmentally harmful pork production methods.

The decision not to eat pork is a personal one and should be based on personal values, beliefs and health considerations.

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