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How To Prepare Plantain Soup

Please Read Carefully.

Plantains; this are plants that have a shape like a half Moon, they are very rich in iron and they also contain carbohydrates, little amount of protein, potassium, vitamin c, vitamin A, vitamin B6, magnesium and fat.

The rich vitamin iron they contain helps in the production of Red blood cells and also prevent anemia, it is well advisable that people suffering from anemia should eat plantain. Plantain helps to cure many disease like, ulcer, diabetics neuritis etc.

So let's look at how to prepare this delicious locally made soup which can improve our health.

Step 1.

Get your plantain Ready ( it's advisable to use only two plantain). You can either pill it or cook it like that, so you watch it, put your plantain in a pot, add water and on your stove. ( Allow to boil till it gets soft)

Step 2. ( you will need mortar and pestle )

After it boiling your plantain and it well cooked, take it out from the pot into the mortar and pound it very well ( you can add red oil ).

Step 3.

After pounding your plantain, put your pot ( the one to prepare the soup in) on fire add water into the pot, mind you the water your adding determine the quantity of soup you want to prepare. Allow your water to boil.

Step 4. ( start steaming your meats)

Before this make sure you have steamed your meats, so add your red oil ( allow to boil for 1 minutes).

Step 4.

Is time to add your plantain, so add your pounded plantain ( add a little amount of plantain according to the quantity of your soup ) what the plantain those is that, it tickings the soup so the more you add the more your soup becomes tick. ( Allow to boil for about 2-4 minutes )

Step 5.

Then you add your salt, Maggi, pepper and onion, ( allow to boil for about 2 minutes ).

Step 6.

Add your well steamed meat, and turn your soup gradually. ( Cover your pot ).

Step 7.

Start cutting your vegetables, and add them to your soup. ( Allow to boil for 1 minutes ). The test your soup to see if it's ok and bring it down.

The next step is to dish your soup and eat, as easy as that.

This is my favorite dish.

So was this helpful, I hope you have learnt a lot.

Please share, like and follow me for more.

thank you and God bless, STAY HEALTHY.

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Plantain Plantain Soup


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