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"Egg of the sun" - checkout pictures of the most expensive mango in the world

With everything going on in the world and how things are going, if I told you a mango, I didn't say a basket or crate, just a single mango, was sold at about 1.1 million Naira, would you believe? Well, it's not a fallacy or a lie. A particular mango called "Egg of the sun" is the most expensive mango in the world. It is sold at about $3,000 each, which is equivalent to Naira 1,162,500. I was as surprise as you are now. If you doubt, Google on it.

Egg of the sun is a specie of mango grown in Japan. According to research, the reason the mango is sold at such exorbitant price is because of the mango's incomparable candy- like sweetness.

In Japanese culture the act of gifting is seen as very honourable. It is a thing of honour to gift people rare fruits and sometimes, the receiver or the recipient may not eat the fruit but put it on display.

My question to you now is, would you eat this mango if it is given to you, considering the price value? Don't forget to like and share this as well. You can check out my page for more interesting contents or you can simply follow.

Stay safe. Thank you 😘.

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