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Stop Wasting your Gas, Here are two fast ways to cook your beans

 Cooking time can be exhausting and long if not done correctly. Many people don't like to cook hungry and want fast food because it takes a long time to finish. Well, because you decided to do it in the usual way. Besides wasting time, you are wasting fuel and oil so to speak. Many students don't like cooking peas because they like to preserve essential oils and essential oils. Depending on the situation, I have two easy ways to cook the beans without wasting time.

1. Use potash

Potash is a mineral that can be dissolved in water that contains various minerals and salts. It can tenderize your peas in no time, so all you have to do here is put the peas on the fire, add the boiling water, and cook. The potash in coffee speeds up the cooking process to save you time and resources.

2. Type of immersion education.

This task is more difficult than the first, but it is worth it. In this case, your job is to move forward. You might consider cooking peas for lunch, closing that morning or at noon, soaking the peas in water, and then letting them soften. When it's tender, take it to cook and you'll know it won't take long.

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