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Check Out Rare Fruits That You Never Knew Existed.

If you think you know or have seen all the fruits in the world this article  will definitely prove you wrong. You'll get to see fruits which are very rare. This might even be your first time getting to know or hear about this unique fruits. 

Without wasting much time check out below these unique rare fruits:

(1.) Durian:

Durian belongs to the genus Durio biologically. Durian is gotten from different tree species; they are 30 known Durio species of which 9 are edible. It has varying shapes of oblong to round and varying  colors of pale yellow to Red and green to brown. 

(2.) Passion fruit :

Passion fruits a type of berry, it has shapes varying from oval to round and when mature has a color of yellow or dark purple. It belongs biological to the family of passifloraceae and genus passiflora. Passion fruit is a juicy firm fruit with numerous seeds, It is edible with a juicy aroma. 

(3.) Longan 

Longan which means the dragon eye in Chinese is believed to have originated from Southern China.  it has a translucent flesh with a black seed in it.The passion fruit is sweet and juicy to taste. It is mostly used in Asian soup, snacks, etc. It can be eaten either when Fresh or dried.

(4.) Purple Mangosteen :

Purple mangosteen has an inedible deep reddish-purple exocarp and has a sweet sharp juicy fruits in it when ripe. It is used in some countries as natural dye for textile. Its endocarp looks like that of a tangerine, it has a size of about 4 to 6 cm. when consumed it helps with the production of DNA which helps in Healing of wounds.


(5.) Rambutan 

Rambutan is a native to Southern Asia, belonging to the genus Nephelium and family Sapindaceae biologically. When consumed gives an energy of about 82kcal(343000J). It is a fleshy fruit with a sweet flavor of close comparison  to that of grapes.

If you have the opportunity to taste any of the fruits above which one will you go for? 

Thanks for reading! 

Content created and supplied by: Samzacky (via Opera News )

Asian Durian Durio Longan Longan Purple Mangosteen


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