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How To Prepare White Ogbono Soup Using Smoked Fish And Meat, For Beginners

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A lot of Nigerians have different soups they prefer eating but as for me, my favorite soup is Ogbono. Till today, I still cannot figure out why I love Ogbono soup so much. Sometimes, I wonder if it is because of the taste, scent, look, smoothness in swallowing eba and fufu or just the mere fact that my mother used to prepare it a lot when I was a kid.

Just like egusi which has the red oil style of cooking and white style of cooking, Ogbono can also be prepared in same pattern but most people are only familiar with the red oil style. One thing I can assure you is that if you try this white Ogbono, you may end up not wanting to prepare the red oil Ogbono any more.

List of ingredients: pieces of meat, smoked fish, a little ground crayfish, ground Ogbono (according to the quantity you want), Maggi cubes, salt, pepper, fresh vegetable.


1. Put your meat, a little bit of salt and Maggi into a pot and add enough water in order to let it boil. When it boils for like 15 minutes, add the dried fish and let it boil for another 15 minutes so that the seasoning can also enter into the fish properly to add to the taste.

2. Get the already ground Ogbono and put it into a plate and add a little bit of the stock (water from the meat and fish that was boiled) into the ground Ogbono while stirring. You know that, for red oil Ogbono, the red oil is added while stirring the ground Ogbono but for this white method, the water used in boiling the meat is used to mix the ground Ogbono instead of oil. Make sure you mix the Ogbono and stock together till it becomes smooth.

3. Pour the mixed Ogbono into the pot containing boiled meat, fish and stock (water used in boiling the meat and fish). After that, add the remaining ingredients (salt, pepper, Maggi, crayfish and fresh vegetables). Allow it boil for another 10 minutes and it would be ready for consumption.

You can either serve it with hot eba, fufu, amala, pounder yam, semovita or any other "swallow" you like.

Those are the very easy steps to follow if you want to prepare delicious white Ogbono soup. If you have any questions or there is any part of the steps you do not understand, feel free to ask your questions in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.

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