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Checkout The Main Ingredients Needed To Cook Okro Soup

Checkout The Main Ingredients Needed To Cook Okro Soup


 1. beef / chicken / goat

2. pumpkin / ugu / spinach leaves

3. 1 bowl Okro

4. Dried fish

5. Stock fish

6. Kpomo

7. crayfish (ground)

8. chillies

9. periwinkle

10. Knorr

11. palm oil

12. onion

13. Salt to taste

1. Make sure that you boil and season the meat.

2. When the meat is almost soft, add the dried fish and the kpomo.

3. Boil your periwinkle in salt water and wash it properly

4. Add about 6 cups of water when dried fish, meat, and kpomo are soft

5. Bring to a boil

6. Add the grated okro and palm oil and cook for about 5 minutes.

7. Add the chopped pumpkin leaves, the crayfish and the knorr cubes.

8. Boil for another 3 minutes and add salt to taste.

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Knorr Kpomo Okro Okro Soup


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