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World Snake Day: Home Remedies for Snake Bites .

16th July is always a day set aside for World Snake Day.

This season (rainy season) is a time when we all need to learn some incredible things like things knowing this season is a season when snakes and other crawling animals explore nature and anything can happen during there venture into one's environment.

We all know that snake bites can be very terrible if not instantly taken proper care of . The poison spreads quickly and can affect the whole body of a person bitten by snake if there is no instant action applied . So here are some home remedies for snake bites 👇

If you get a bite from a snake on your limb, leg, hand especially tie a rope or any reachable rope like substance just above the wound, this will help prevent the venom from spreading to the other part of the body. Clean and suck the wound immediately. Cut the wound with a clean blade allowing blood to gush freely. Then inject permanganate of potash or sprinkle saltl on the wound . Then pour a full bottle of whisky or brandy on the wound .

Here are some other home remedies

Baking Soda : After cutting the wound and sucking out the poison just put some baking soda on the surface for some hours .

Lime : Limes extremely acidic and can be used to weaken the venom from snakes, after cleaning the wound, squeeze out that teaspoon of lime juice and apply on the bitten surface.

Plantain leaves: apply bruised plantain leaves and use a teaspoonful of the water from the plantain leave every one hour.

Turpentine can also be applied on snake bites.

There are still other home remedies ,you can add to the list in the comment box, ensure you share this content as well.

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