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8 Unusual Uses for Coca-Cola That You've Never Considered

Do you know that apart from drinking, Coca-Cola is used for 8 other things? See the other 8 uses.

Welcome to Bravehink page but before I share with you some fascinating ideas on other uses of coca cola apart oozing it down your throat to quench your thirst during the hot whether especially when the coke is chilled. 

I would like to let you know this;

This article aim is not advertise the product, rather, to bring information and sensitization to you as a reader.

Below are the other uses of coca cola apart from drinking.

1. To get rid of insects and pest around your environment.

Coca cola contain phosphoric acid with pH 2.8 which when consumed by insects or peat kills them. Hence, spraying coca cola drink from a container around your environment or Garland would attract the insect who takes pleasure in the sweetness but dies from the phosphoric acid ingestion.

Apply this now, and see the magic work.

2. To for tiles cleansing

If your tiles are looking so bad, and you need to clean it. Pour some coca cola and scrub with a brush.

3. To clean eye glasses

Is your eye glass dirty or not clean? Just take a clean cloth or wool dip inside coca cola and clean with it.

4. To remove any stains on clothes or any fabrics

Pour some drinks in the area stain and wash with detergents.

5. To clean toilets

Pour this drink and wash with detergents. The acid in the drink will remove all stains.

6. To clean jewelries

Soak any jewelry that needs to be washed in coca cola drink few hours, scrub and dry.

7. To clean knots, bolts, spanners and other mechanical tools by slacking for hours before washing.

8. To remove burnt food particles from cooking pots and pans by soaking with coca cola drink for a few hours, and then wash.

Hope the article was insightful?

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