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Add These Ingredients To Your Pap Production To Get A Delicious Yummy Taste.

Pap is the residue gotten from fermented ground grains such as corn (yellow or white), guinea corn, millet, dawa etc. That is the starchy product gotten from grains that were soaked, grounded and washed. 

Pap is readily available and it gives much money if you go into the business as people cannot do without it especially nursing mothers. You can take your pap with milk, honey, sugar, soyabean and with other toppings such as strawberry, grapes etc.

In this article, we are looking at two different recipes in pap production that will give you a delicious taste. A trail will convince you don't fail to do it.

Ingredients needed for the first recipes are:

Maize grain(5 milk cup)

Guinea Corn (dawa)(3 cups)

Millet (joro) ( 3cups)

Turmeric (5 fingers)

Ginger (3-4 medium size fingers)

clove (#50).

Procedures for The Pap production.

A. Soak all the grains for 3 days to ferment. Make sure you wash and change the water each day.

B. Sieve and wash the grains on the final day ready for grinding. Then wash your turmeric, ginger and cloves and add it to the grain in the bucket.

C. Proceed to grind everything to its finness or else some useful part of your grain will go down with the chaff.

D. After grinding, use mesh cloth to seive all the grain in batches until it remained the chaff. After that, allow it to settle, decant the water and pour it in a special bag used for draining water from pap to allow the water drain off.

E. After the draining of the water from the pap, your pap is ready for consumption.

Another recipe and its ingredients.

Maize (1paint)

Guinea Corn (half paint)

Millet (half paint)

Sweet Potatoes (#300)

Ginger (#300)

Tiger Nut (half paint).

Follow the same procedures i listed above for this second recipe to produce your pap.

Hope you got value from this article?

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