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Frank thoughts: 'Nigerians accept and swallow everything hook, line and sinker without as little as a weak objection'

Why do Nigerians think that the man who complains about a failed system is the most unfortunate and the poorest?

I was at a shop the other day to pick an everyday commodity and the seller intentionally added ₦20 to the recommended retail price (RRP).

The product itself clearly bears ₦100 on the label but the lady told me it is sold for ₦120. When I objected, she said the price on the bottle is company price while the one she told me is the real price.

While I was still there speaking grammar, three other persons bought the product and left without complaints. The closest one of them came to complaining was our usual shrugging of the shoulder and the accompanying 'nawao'.


She paid, took her item and left.

No questions asked, no objections to the daylight robbery and extortion this lady is subjecting us to. Their actions and inactions now made me look like the poorest Nigerian ever liveth.

'Is it just because of ₦20 that you're complaining?'

And this is the summary of the problems we have in this country; Nigerians accept and swallow everything hook, line and sinker without as little as a weak objection.

Nobody is asking any questions, just small complaint and we are back to normal.

The government will take us for a ride, tell all kinds of unbelievable stories just to cover up their embezzlement, the more dramatic ones will faint and collapse during appearances and court hearings.

At the end of the day, we trend the issue on social media, make memes, laugh and the vibe continues.

Yesterday I needed to withdraw cash from a nearby ATM, lump cash. Unfortunately, the fraudulent bank set their machines to dispense only 10K per withdrawal so they can debit the machine users service charge multiple times.

Fraudulent, but it doesn't matter because... It's the normal thing. 

MTN will flash subscription messages in a very confusing manner across your screen and before you know what's going on, you've subscribed to something you know absolutely nothing about.

Just like that, ₦50 or more will go without trace. Forceful and fraudulent marketing techniques.

These things might look inconsequential when you think you're the only victim. Take some time to think and imagine the number of people they dupe like this everyday!

Define corruption for me please!

The Nigerian system is synonymous with fraud, everybody wants to defraud everybody. Unfortunately, the government and corporate organizations are not left out.

Nigeria shall be better only when we have the courage to question things that do not feel alright.

The evil we ignore today becomes a tradition tomorrow!

Until then, stay frosty guys!


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