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How to make the best stovetop popcorn.

People always have the urge to practicalize the making of popcorn but often procastinate due to the thought that it won't look good like that of the ones in cinemas, in the shopping complex or those fancy ones by the roadside. 

Popcorns can also look difficult to prepare to most people because they worry about the equipments like the popcorn machine and some other things but did you know you can actually prepare the same tasty and delicious popcorn at home by using a stove?

This recipe makes the best stovetop popcorn with only a few ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. I've just discovered that homemade popcorn is actually the best because it can be personalized to your taste buds, so be sure to try this stovetop popcorn recipe at home or whenever you want to watch a movie. It saves cost and also lets you add other 'add ons' you prefer and keep in mind that from the stove to the plate is just a maximum of 15 minutes. Let's get started by listing the ingredients.

1. Popcorn kernels

2. Melted butter

3. A little amount of groundnut or olive oil

4. Sugar

5. A pot with a tight lid

Let's go over to the recipe

1. Pour the oil into the pot and leave the pot to heat up for a little while on medium heat. The oil is just to prevent the kernels from sticking to the bottom of the pot.

2. After the oil is heated, pour in just two kernels into the pot and wait to hear them pop. The pot must still be on medium heat.

3. When the kernels pop, take the pot off the stove and take out the two popped kernels.

4. After taking out the popped kernels, you can then pour in the rest of the kernels but still allow the pot to sit for about a minute before putting it back on the stove but on high heat this time. You must wait to hear them pop and the process of popping can take up twenty to thirty seconds but be sure not to leave the side of the popcorn to avoid ending up with burnt popcorn.

5. When the popping slows down a bit, you can then remove the pot from the stove and allow it to sit for about a minute in order to allow the stubborn kernels that couldn't pop while on the stove to pop now.

6. Dish out the popcorn into bowls or containers that suits your choice, then you add the melted butter to the popcorn in a spiral form starting from the edge, all round till the middle but be careful not to add too much butter as you may end up with soggy popcorns. You can also add your granulated sugar into the popcorn and the mix the popcorn thoroughly in order to let the ingredients get to all side of the popcorn.

7. Taste the popcorn to see if all the ingredients are in the right quantity. If not, you can add more butter or sugar till you get your satisfaction. 


Your popcorn is ready to eat and can be best enjoyed while watching a movie. You don't need to buy popcorn always, you can make it yourself at home and eat to your satisfaction. Now you all know that making popcorn isn't a big deal but a very interesting task. Share this recipe to your friends and family and tell them of your new found home cinema experience!!!!..

Content created and supplied by: Tony_Blaze (via Opera News )


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