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See pictures and names of various Igbo Delicacies

African delicacies are no doubt one of the best in the world. In Nigeria, there are over 250 ethnic groups, and over 500 languages, each with their own traditional delicacy.

These types of Nigerian-African foods, are prepared in different method and of course, with different ingredients. Each tribe or ethnic group mainly eats their own traditional foods.

As diverse people that share one country, we often eat and enjoy other tribe's native foods.

The Igbo of South-Eastern Nigeria is one of the Nigeria's 3major tribes. This tribe called Igbo has a lot of local delicases, that not just most Nigerians love to eat it, but, some foreigners in Nigeria also enjoy eating them.

Here, I provide for you, my committed readers, some of the Igbo local delicases that you probably may have not come across.

In case you visit South East, feel free to walk into any restaurant/mama put, and demand for any of them.

I will attach to each picture, the popular names each of them are called.

Lets go👇

Ofe nlacha (pepper soup)

Ofe ogbono (draw soup)

Ofe Onugbu (bitter leaf soup)

Off Nsala (white soup)

Ofe Azu (fish soup)

Abacha n' ngbongbo (African Salad with sauces)

Elele (moi moi)

Nkwobi (meat sauce)


Abacha n' akidi

Okay n' ube

Ona n' mmanu ose

Abacha n' aki

Aki n' gari

Agidi n' ofe

Azu ndu

Joko aruru aru


Abacha ngwongwo

Ede n' mmanu

Jii aruru aru

Osipaka n' ofe akwu.

The names attached to each pictures are their popular names. There are some that can not be translated to English.

Thanks for reading.

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