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Meet Hulk, a 17-months-old Pitbull which is the world's biggest

According to the ADBA, the American Pit Bull is prescribed to be medium-sized and has a short coat and smooth well-defined muscle structure, and its eyes are to be round to almond-shaped, and its ears are to be small to medium in length, typically half prick or rose in carriage.

The tail is prescribed to be slightly thick and tapering to a point. The coat is required by the ADBA to be glossy, smooth, short, and stiff to the touch. Many colors, color patterns, and combinations of colors are acceptable to the ADBA, except that both the ADBA and UKC do not recognize merle coloring. Color patterns that are typical in the breed are solid and tuxedo.

Below are pictures of the 17-months-old pitbull that is tagged the world biggest pitbull as it weighs 173.4Ibs and is still growing.

The name of the owner of this huge Pitbull is Marlon Grannon, she's not even scared to live her Pitbull with her 3-year-old kidHulk is the name of the Pitbull dog it's too huge that he takes the kid (Jordan) on his back for a ride.

What do you think Hulk takes for food

Everyday, huge Hulk eats about 4lbs of ground beef, and also with a mixture of special supplements just for a dog.

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