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Easy Steps To Make Roasted Plantain In The Home

Plantain is a good source of starch, potassium, fiber, vitamins,Iron, Magnesium and calcium. Plantain can be eaten in different ways.

Roasted plantain,also known as bole is a delicious African food,that is usually eaten for lunch after a hectic time at work. Bole can be eaten with beans,sauce,groundnut, fish, vegetables or even taken with chilled juice.

Both ripe and unripe plantain can be used to prepare it,me personally I prefer ripe bole to unripe bole. But which ever way,the satisfaction is the same.

Bole is known mostly in southern part of Nigeria,as they know how to make it very appealing and satisfying.



*Little oil

*foil paper

Easy Steps To Make Bole At Home

Step 1

Peel the plantain

Step 2

Make incision with a knife on the plantain

Step 3

Apply oil to the plantain and. Foil paper

Step 4

Wrap the plantain with the foil paper.

Step 5

Grease the fry pan with oil.

Step 6

Put the foil paper in the fry pan

Step 7

Put the fry pan on a gas,stove or oven.the heat should be very low.

Step 8

Allow the plantain to heat for 10 to 15 minutes.

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African Bole Plantain


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