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How To Reduce Odour (Smell) Of Garlic After Using It.

Garlic is an onion-like plant with strong taste and offensive smell which is cultivated all over the world. Many people hate garlic and would not like to handle or even eat it because of its offensive smell.

Ways to reduce or quench the offensive smell of garlic after using it;

1. Don't chew garlic in the mouth. Always combine it with other vegetables to prepare stew or soups.

2. Salads with tomatoes can be added with garlic. Tomatoes are capable of reducing garlic and onion odour. One can put a slice of tomatoes in the mouth after eating food prepared with garlic. It is advisable for cooks to chop garlic and onions first before chopping tomatoes to free fingers from offensive odour.

3. One can rinse his mouth with lemon juice or paste to guarantee sweetness of breath after using garlic. Sap little lemon juice through the throat into the stomach.

4. Parsley leaf too reduces garlic odour, include parsley leaves in meals prepared with garlic.

5. Adding charcoal powder to your toothpaste or washing the mouth with charcoal can easily quench the offensive smell of garlic and onion.

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