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Top 3 Challenges of Running a Natural Drinks Business.

Top 3 Challenges of Running a Natural Drinks Business.

Natural drinks are beverages that are extrated from and preserved with natural ingredients, without the use of any form of chemicals. They are simply those drinks that are made with natural things like fruits, vegetables, etc.

These natural drinks are very much common around us. They include Zobo drinks, Tigernut milk or Kunu, Watermelon Juice, Soymilk, Chapman, Palmwine, etc. And I believe you and I have at least tasted one of these. Personally, I have tried zobo and watermelon juice before. 

In this article I will be focusing on the Challenges that are associated with running a natural drinks business. These challenges are the things that tries to disstable your business. 

The following are a list of them.

• Branding and Packaging:

Packaging attracts buyers and if not we'll presented causes contempt. The way you pack your drinks matters a lot to attract your potential buyers and make them to actually patronize your product. 

Many persons, including myself desert from buying zobo and the like most times simply because, the bottles used in packaging them are materials that have been used previously by other companies like Coke, Pepsi, Fanta, Sprite, etc. But we can't blame them or complain. No.

So you will have to consider that aspect too before going into the business. Where will you get your packaging materials from?

Natural drinks if we'll packaged and branded nationwide will enhance healthy living and promote economic sustainability.

• Preservation/ Sustainability:

Preserving natural drinks is hard. 

Experiment has proven that natural drinks can last for only 10 days without getting fermented or losing taste if well refrigerated, thereby requiring fast sales to avoid loss.

Remember, we defined natural drinks as beverages that are extrated from and preserved with natural ingredients without the use of any chemicals. 

• Electricity:

Natural drinks are best preserved in the refrigerator or freezer, but if there is no electricity they will go bad and waste. In other words, if there is no power supply to keep drinks refrigerated they will get spoilt, hence, loss.

So, consider these before setting up the business.

Content created and supplied by: Kessiena_Isaac (via Opera News )

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