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Lady Refuses To Eat Out Of The Asorted Meat She Sells At Okokomaiko In Lagos Nigeria

Most of us do buy meat from either aboki that sells suya or the food bendors that sells hawk meats in our neighborhood. We all should really be careful of what we eat this days as we don't know how it was made or the source it came from.

A video making trends online shows a young food vendor that was surrounded by angry mobs in Okokomaiko, lagos area of Nigeria. In the video you get to hear the angry mobs telling her to eat of the meat which she sells that they will pay for any amount she eats.

When told to eat of her own asorted meat which she sells the young lady bursted into tears and starting crying. Instead of eating the chicken as heard in the video she was crying, one of the angry mobs surrounding her said "instead of to chop she dey cry, chop na we go pay you dey cry".

This has caused several reactions online too which people making assumptions that she was selling human meat. It was still unknown why she refused to eat the meat she sells as she never said a word instead she was crying even after being told that they will pay for every piece of meat she eats.

Please we all should be mindful of what we eat outside or around our neighborhood as they may not be fit or good for our consumption.

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