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Funny Photos Of Things That Can Happen When Men Cook

Now this is when you tell him to cook fried spaghetti or when he wants to surprise you with it, it is indeed fried spaghetti.

Some men will just be playing and experimenting in the kitchen.

And some men don't know how to do shishi in the kitchen .

Is there a sexier thing than a man who can cook?

Many women love the fact that a man can take that stress off their shoulders.

This is not to say wen are made for the kitchen and men for other jobs, don't get me wrong.

But sometimes, sometimes o, it is food for us to stay on our lane, staying on your lane also means a man should cook if he does it better and the lady should drive, if she is the formula 1 queen.

Some men will just be playing anyhow in the kitchen.

In the process of opening a pack of powdered meal like semo, he can bath himself with it.

As I said, some can cook, even more than women.

While others will need a fire extinguisher after their duties.

Others will cook well but will leave you a dustbin looking sink.

See how this one dressed for the cooking occasion like he is doing to ride a bike.

These ones too, just because they are cutting onions.

Let me now show you the worst and most popular, the guys who run from oil splashes.

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