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Garri Is The Most Popular Snack In Nigeria, Everyone Loves It

Yes you heard me right, some call it cassava flakes or by it's popularly name which is "garri" . Garri is probably the most popular snack in Nigeria. Garri Is like an unsung hero, a hero who's impact on the lives of common Nigerians is never really talked about or even acknowledged. Though one of the most important among staple foods in Nigeria, but sadly regarded by the unenlightened as a "poor mans food". Garri has been saving lives for as long as we can remember. It dosn't matter your social status, whether rich or poor young or old, there's no denying that everyone love garri, you can even ask the students one of the most important content of their food stuff when they are preparing to go to school is a good old bag of garri.

Garri is made from the tubers of the cassava plant, which is one of the most important crop in Nigeria. However what you probably don't know is that Cassava was originally a crop native to South America, it was introduced to Nigeria in the 16th centuthe by the Portuguese, during the time of slave trade. Garri is made by slicing, soaking, fermenting, grinding and then frying of cassava tubers. The process of making garri is a very long and tedious one, but the result is so satisfying.

Garri comes in different variants and colours, we have the white Garri which is tho most common Garri, and the yellow Garri, which is gotten by adding palm oil to the cassava after you grind it, in order to give it a distinct yellowish colour. Garri can also be consumed in two different ways, one of which is it can be consumed as a swallow meal also known as "Eba" in the Yoruba dialect. Eba is made by adding Garri into hot water and stirring it until it forms a dough. Eba can be eaten with any kind of soup.

The second way of eating Garri Is by eating it like a cereal. By adding cold water, sugar or salt depending on which ever one suits your tastebuds, and then using your groundnuts or "moi moi" or Ankara to eat it. Some people also using fried fish to eat it as well. The fact is it dosn't matter who you are, whether rich or poor, a celebrity or not, no one can resist the sweet aroma of fresh Garri, all we can say is may God bless the soul of the man or woman who discovered Garri. As the name of such a person should be right up there among the great inventors, and people who created things to make our lives easier.

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