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These Cooking Ingredients Are Harmful To The Health, Here Are Other Ingredients To Use Instead

It is absolutely necessary for you to pay close attention to your health,and therefore taking note of what you ingest is Paramount.

Here are some ingredients which are dangerous and can adversely damage your health when you continually consume them,other things can be used to replace this ingredients instead.

I know we have been using this ingredients because our mothers introduced us to them,but that doesn't mean because our mothers used it,it is very healthy and helpful to our health.

If you use these particular ingredients to bake or cook your foods, please stop it, because it is not good for your health and it can eventually damage your health.

#1. Baking soda :

Baking soda is mostly used by bakers ,baking soda can be harmful to health when it comes in contact with heat,and when used for a prolonged time.

Instead of baking Soda make use of Baking Powder instead

#2. Paracetamol

Many people make use of paracetamol to boil meat and make it soft fast,maybe to save their gas. But this is wrong ,this paracetamols are used in public restaurant and Buka's but it is not advisable to be consumed.

High amount of paracetamol causes serious liver damage, which leads to accumulation of deadly toxins in your body, which have the potential of causing terminal conditions like systemic jaundice, and anaphylactic shock which can kill you.

Instead of using paracetamol to tenderize your meat it is advisable to cook your meat slowly and under low heat.

#3. Alum

Using Alum to soften beans is risky and dangerous to your health .

Instead use Calcium chloride which is a natural salt or use Lime.

#4. Potash

Since high amount of this potash is needed this means that you're exposing yourself to high risks and adverse drug reactions associated with overdose.

Instead of potash use Baking powder.

So if you know you are guilty of using this things then you have to stop ,because continuous use can cause severe health complication.

Content created and supplied by: Alex_Xis (via Opera News )

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