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Easy Way To Make Plantain Moi-Moi.

Plantain Moi-Moi (ukpa ogede) is one of the Nigeria Plantain recipes prepared with overripe plantain and beans. Beans which contains protein and is very nutritious to the body. Plantain Moi-Moi is very easy to make and you can eat it with akamu, custard or oat meal.

Ingredients On How to make Plantain Moi-Moi

2 overripe plantain

2 cups of brown beans

2 table spoons of grounded pepper

5 red bell pepper (tatashe)

1 medium onion

2 spoons of vegetables oil


2 seasoning cubes


How To Prepare Plantain Moi-Moi.

1 peel off the plantain and cut it into small chunks.

2 wash your beans by removing the skin of the beans then blend.

3 prepared your blender,add the chopped plantain, pepper, onion, crayfish and blend till it smooth.

4 pour out your blender items in a clean bowl with your blender beans.

5 Add a little water.

6 Add your seasoning cubes,salt, vegetables oil and mix thoroughly until they are combined.

7 prepare your foil container or banana leaves.

Scoop the mixture into a foil container or banana leaves and wrap it well and steam on a medium heat for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Make sure the pan have enough water.

Note:You can also bake it inside an oven if you wish too,then take it off from the heat and serve either with custard or oatmeal.

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Easy Nigeria Plantain Plantain Moi-Moi ogede ukpa


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