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Opinion: Don't Fail To Wash These 3 Foods With Hot Water Before Cooking, If You Want To Stay Healthy

The things we put in our mouths have a lot to do with the health state of our bodies. Food, when eaten rightly, helps develop our body system, but if we are not cautious, these same foods can also cause damage to us.

We must keep complete hygiene when it comes to our food. In this article, I will be talking about 3 foods, that you must never fail to wash with hot water before you cook them.

Please take your time to read and also do well to share with friends.

1. Dry Fish

Dry Fish is loved by many, in fact, the is almost no soup that can be well prepared without dry Fish, some even use it to cook stew and rice.

But what many people don't is that these fishes are stored with chemicals. In other for sellers and fish vendors to properly keep dry Fish, they apply chemicals to it, and these chemicals are not good for us.

Make sure you use hot water to properly wash them, to eliminate these chemicals, before going ahead to cook them.

2. Beans

This one is common. Beans are usually stored with chemicals, to eliminate beetles and other small insects. Because of this, some people complain of stomach upset after eating it.

Before cooking, take time to wash your beans properly with hot water. Don't worry about the nutritional content, they will stay intact.

3. Exposed Onions

If you, by any chance cut an onion halfway, and leave it in the open air, don't use it until you have properly washed it with hot water.

It has been discovered that exposed onions serve as bred for dangerous bacteria, so in other to stay healthy, take time to wash them.

Thank You, please share with friends and educate them.

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