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See The 10 Best Calabar Dishes That Will Make You Want To Marry A Calabar Woman.(Opinion).

The Calabar folks are from the south south part of Nigeria. Though not all the south south region, but they occupy a very big part of the region.

They are known very well for their hospitality, their beauty, and of course, their delicious dishes that only them seem to know how to prepare.

As a man, you cannot marry a woman that does not know how to bring you satisfaction via food, afterall, they hold our key through food, and the calabar folks are well endowed with different delicacies.

Without food, we can not survive, and men always stop eating out upon marriage because they married a very good cook, so of you want to have a blessed woman and marriage, marry a calabar women, they cook the best meals.

Also note that they are not only from Cross River state, they are also from Akwaibom. Below are their 10 best dishes that will make any man want to marry them, if you taste the dishes.

1. Edikaikong Soup.

This is a world renowned meal. It is an ancestral dish of the Calabar folks. They do not play with it. If you taste the meal, you will understand what I am talking about, and only them prepares it better. It is prepared with Scotch bonnets, lots of vegetables and other necessary ingredients.

2. Afang Soup.

This soup seems to be their pride. They cherish it, and trust me, it is worth tasting, and only them knows the way around its preparartion.

3. Ekoki.

Seems to be the best amongst all. Very tasty and delicious. Calabar women knows how to prepare it best.

4. Oto Mboro.

They do not play with this dish. It is very important to them, and as i am writing this, i am already salivating. I want more of it.

5. Otong Soup.

One of their best. Very good with correct pounded yam. They prepare it best.

6. Fisherman soup.

Only them know how thy came about it, but if you taste it, you might want to make it your best meal. Just seeing the meal, you will become hungry.

7. Ekpang Nkukwo.

Well, the site of the food alone will make you hungry.

8. Afia Efere soup.

This dish is very much enticing. You can ask any calabar woman, they own the meal.

9. Ukang Ukom.

The name alone will tell you that this meal belongs to calabar folks, they prepare it best.

10. Abak Atama.

I guess i saved the best for the last. This dish is purely Calabar made. It is very much delicious.

Which do you prefer and which is your best? Share your opinion in the comment section please. Your opinion matters to me. You can also follow me for more. Please like and share this article.

Content created and supplied by: DrMichaels (via Opera News )

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