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Check Out These 35 Nigerian Meals You May Want To Try

If you are a woman or a man, and you think you have eaten all the delicious foods in the country, you need to understand that good food is always available different from the ones you have eaten. Many mothers have been trying out different foods just to satisfy their husband's and children's tummy. There are good number of foods you need to try in making your family love your cooking skill and never want them to miss your dishes.

Cooking certain meals all the time can make them tired of eating your dishes and they will prefer eating outside, just to have a new meal to satisfy their taste. There are things you need to do to attract your man and keep him close to you. One of these things is preparing him a delicious meal and spicing it with fresh fruit juice and fresh green vegetables. This will make your man swallow his saliva while waiting for you to serve him your yummy dishes.

Here are delicious yummy dishes you should try serving your man and children with, so to always make them ask for more, most meals are served depending on the time and the nature of the food but I made sure I try putting together meals you can cook and serve at any time be it Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.


Dear mummies, the first on the list is noodles, you can serve your family quick dishes that are not hard to prepare, especially when they are really hungry. You can spice it up with lots of green and fresh vegetables like green paper, pumpkin leaves, green peas, you can add it up with carrots, tomatoes, and onions. If you want to spice it up the more you can add fried meat.


The second food on our list is a fresh delicious chicken pepper soup. This meal can be served as dinner or lunch, you can eat it with other food if you feel it is not enough to quench your hunger. You shouldn't add enough pepper and spices if your husband or children don't like spicy foods.

If you are tired of eating certain types of foods, here are some delicious foods you can prepare. The third food is snail sauce.


Which of the above meal is your favorite?

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