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To Soften Your Beans Without Cooking It For A Very Long Time, Here Is What To Do

Some foods are naturally not ready to give in to heat. Such foods would stay on fire for long but would never be ready for consumption. A good example of such foods would include beans.

Source: 9jafoodie

Bean(s) is a popular legume consumed in several methods such as moi-moi, akara etc. It can also be cooked porridge. Most times, when it's being cooked porridge the process of getting it softened usually takes loads of time and would lead to burning of loads of gas. This is one thing most people would not cherish in a generation busy like ours.

Here is a simple trick to getting your food ready without having to wait for long.

The process is, get your beans and pick out the unwanted dirt as well as stones inevitably present in them. 

Wash them in cold water and after that you can pour a fresh water and put on fire for parboiling.

The reason for this is to get rid of any chemicals used in it's preservation that may not have left when you did your normal washing.

Allow it to heat for some minutes till it starts to boil. When this occurs you can bring it down and sieve out the first water and thereafter pour another water and wash again.

When putting it on fire for the second time, cut some onions into slices and put it in the pot as well as the beans and have all of it cook together.

With onions, your beans would more quickly get softened. 

One benefit of using onions is, it is much healthier compared to many other methods people would employ. Try it and you would like it. It is what I always do.

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