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Become A Millionaire By Learning How To Make Milo And Mayonnaise At The Comfort Of Your Home

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I will be teaching you how to make Milo, below are the ingredients you need

  Milo Ingredients 


*Cocoa powder

*Malt extract powder 

  How to mix

First get a dry and clean bowl ,pour your cocoa powder in it and your sugar with your malt extract 

Then mix very well after that your bournvita is ready for use, put some in a container for later use and mix the one you want to use with milk ,it is so easy to make 

  Mayonnaise making 

 Ingredients :

1.3 eggs 

2.1 lemon

3.Pinch of salt 

4.Little vegetable oil

 5.Pinch of sugar

 How To Mix

1.Break the raw eggs in a bowl and remove they yoke

2. put the yoke in a blender ,cut your lemon into halves then juice it out and remove the seeds then pour the juice into the blender

3. Add a pinch of salt, and sugar then blend together. 

Little by little add your vegetable oil, then when blending it becomes thick ..

 There you go, your original homemade mayonnaise is ready for you to eat with bread and salad, any which way. 

Just enjoy your self 

Photo credit goes to real google

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Mayonnaise Milo


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