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Simple Ways To Prepare Oha Soup That Will Make Your Husband To Value You, More Than Anything Else

Most people are always looking for a better way or ways to prepare a delicious Oha soup, but don't worry I will show you how I always prepare my own at home so you too, can do the same. I hope you know that good and delicious soup requires a good amount of money, let's look at the best or simple ways to prepare Oha soup that will make your husband to value you, more than anything else but please don't forget to prepare it for your family members if you are not yet married.

Now Oha soup is a delicious African soup, the eastern part of Nigeria the Igbos call the leaves "Oha" and is one of their best traditional soup, the leaves can't be found anyhow that's why the soup is especially. One may ask, which of the ingredients can be thickened with it? Well for me they are like three of them it now depends on the particular one you will prefer to use, and cook the Oha soup. The thickening agents for Oha soup are, Cocoyam, Achi and Ofor.

Things used in preparing Oha soup are below

1. shred the Oha leaves very well if not it will taste better

2. Use Ogiri Igbo just one tablespoon of it

3. My brother and sister please use a good sizeable meat for this soup

4. Two spoons of palm oil will be ok

5. Handful of Uziza Leaves

6. Five moderate size of Cocoyam

7. Crayfish, Smoked Fish and Stockfish

8. Three Maggi Crayfish, three Yellow Scotch Bonnet and salt for a good taste

So let's go to the kitchen and prepare our Oha soup, first put three cups of water in a clean pot for the cooking, add palm oil and the Stockfish leave it to boil for some time and put your grounded smoked fish and crayfish, am sure you know you will boil your meat differently? After a little cooking of the meat add it to the pot, put your grounded Cocoyam add the Ogiri, Maggi Uziza leaves, yellow Scotch bonnet and salt leave it to heat and after that put the Oha leaves finally, please don't forget to keep my own for me.

Let's know what you think over the comment section, just try and follow me up for more stories.

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