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Five delicious soups to consider For eating 'swallow' foods

When individuals want to eat swallow foods like eba, amala, akpu, and other similar dishes, they frequently choose soups that are acceptable for them. Many individuals prefer to eat their swallow dishes with draw soups, while others simply want a tasty soup to consume. However, a delicious soup must be swallowed in order to really enjoy the meal.

Here are five Nigerian soups to consider before consuming swallow meal.

1. Gbegiri Soup

Photo Credit: Zikoko

This is a bean soup that is prepared. This delicious soup is a favorite of many men. Preparing it does not cost a lot of money. Abula can be made by mixing it with ewedu. It is suitable for the consumption of amala and other Nigerian swallow foods.

2. Ogbono Soup 

Photo Credit: Cookpad

Ogbono commonly known as apon soup in Nigeria, is a delicious Nigerian draw soup. All Nigerian swallows are fed with it.

3. Efo Riro

Photo Credit: Youtube

This Nigerian soup is tasty and packed with vitamins and minerals. The soup can be made with ugwu (green leaves).

4. Okra Soup

Photo Credit: Youtube

Okra is also a tasty Nigerian soup that goes well with almost anything. This soup is easy to make and does not take a lot of effort.

5. Egusi Soup

Photo Credit: Cookpad

This is a popular Nigerian soup that is enjoyed by many. It tastes fantastic no matter how it's made, and it pairs well with a variety of Nigerian dishes. This soup is a fantastic choice for dishes that are difficult to swallow.

Source: Zikoko

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