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Why You Should Always Choose Local Rice Over Imported Ones

Foreign rice is often preferred more by most people than it's local counterpart for several reasons. Among them include it's texture when cooked, the piece of mind that comes with chewing it being that it has no stones as compared to the typical local ones. Another unique feature the foreign rice possess is, it lasts longer and doesn't quickly expire or spoil. 

Source: UPMC Healthbeat

Rice just like other whole grains contain several minerals and vitamins. Among them would include vitamin B1, vitamin B6. The minerals include Magnesium, Phosphorus, Selenium, Manganese. Fibre, Carbohydrates, Protein as well as Fats are all constituent nutrients often found in a typical rice serving. Sadly, most if not all of these nutrients are absent in virtually all the foreign imported rice we enjoy eating. 

The presence of all of these nutrients makes them vulnerable to infestation of insects and pests of various kinds. This will directly reduce it's shell life because, it is either it quickly spoils or pests infestation would help in tampering it's quality as soon as possible. 

In order not to allow this to occur, these whole grains are often parboiled and these nutrients capable of reducing it's shell would be sieved out. Sequel to that, you can see such products lasting years but in essence all we do by consuming them is take in more of chaff.

Unprocessed bears no risk of having their key nutrients taken away though they are more likely not to last but this is the type that our body needs the most.

If we can develop the habit of embracing local rice instead of it's imported counterpart, we shall be able to realize the true beauty and taste of rice.

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