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Sweet ways corn can be enjoyed

I am of the opinion that corn, amongst some foods, has long been undervalued on the menu in this part of the world. Western cuisines, on the other hand, have experimented with corn, and they effortlessly assimilated it as we have too.

If the taste is not enough to entice you to try it, the fact that it can produce a healthy meal should attract you. Corn is known to be a good source of vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber, and it may help with your eye health.

However, the best part about cooking is having the flexibility to try a variety of things, and create your own exquisite masterpiece by combining ingredients and flavors in a measured, yet assertive way. Here's a collection of our favorite fresh and simple corn recipes for a wide range of meals.

Roasted Corn

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Grilling or roasting the corn requires an efficient process in making this a delicacy. There are a variety of ways to grill corn, but I believe this method is the most effective. To produce a built-in handle for eating the corn, peel back the husks and bind them with string. Then, directly on the grill, sear the cobs to perfection.

To prepare roasted corn on the cob, begin by preparing flavored butter. Use softened butter, garlic salt, pepper, and a combination of flavoring herbs like rosemary, thyme, and parsley. Wrap each ear of corn in foil after spreading the butter on it. Unwrap and bake for 20 to 25 minutes. A flavored butter is a simple method to enhance the flavor of your recipe. Remove the husks and silks so as to cut the corn from the cob. On a big chopping board, stand the corn upright. Cut straight along the base of the kernels with a sharp knife.

Corn on the cob roasted over an outdoor grill is always a delight.

Boiled Corn

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You will need to clean your corn first before boiling it. The husks can be peeled away by firmly holding the feathery ends and pulling down towards its stem-end. Remove any leftover silks and cut off any long stems by rubbing your fingertips down the cob. Then, you are all set to boil!

Place the corn in a big pot of salted water that has been boiled. Cover the pot and bring the water back to a boiling, then remove it from the heat, and keep the pot covered. After around 5 minutes, remove enough ears for a first serving. The remaining corn can be kept heated in the water for another ten minutes without turning tough.

You can enjoy this by serving it with a generous amount of butter and salt. 


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Pap is popular Nigerian meal recipe made from wet corn starch. Traditionally, pap is made by, firstly, soaking corn (fresh or dried) for a number of days to ferment. Then proceed to grinding the corn thoroughly, after which you pass it through a sieve so as to separate the chaff from the starch itself.

Now you know you can get the raw pap, after processing it from a dried white or yellow corn. Then, you can proceed to make a meal out of it by preparing it with hot water before serving. It can be enjoyed with milk and sugar or honey.

People tend to crave for this meal despite the fact that it has a distinctive sour taste, I guess the crave is in the taste. Personally I always crave the yellow pap version because it tastes a little bit better, less sour. Although, some people might not even notice that tiny difference in taste.

These are the basic recipes you can derive from corns, and you can enjoy with other meals. I should come through with more - enhanced and elite varieties of this food recipe. Follow for more updates about this. do not forget to like, comment and share too.

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