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Meet Ayam Cemani, The Lambogini Chicken that lay black egg.

The chicken whose picture appear below is known as Ayam Cemani, it is mostly referred as Lambogini Chicken because of its high cost. 

This Chicken comes from Indonesia and it is considered as rare breed. The chicken is not a heritage breed and it isn't recognised by American poultry association. 

This Chicken is the most costly breed of chicken in the world presently. It is Generally black. The meat is dark in colour. This is because it contain Fibromelanosis. This pigment is responsible for it excess dark appearance. 

The breed is believed to have special powers, Many also believe that it has the ability to communicate with spirits, as a result of this, their body parts is often used for traditional purposes.

Being all black, the chicken is able to evade predators than other breed of chicken during night hours. 

Eggs of Ayam Cemani price in the market is $160 per dozen. Breeding this chicken worth the price of Toyota Camry in Nigeria. Courtesy of Chickens more, google and poultry fed.

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