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Why You Should Be Cooking With Pimento Peppers

Pimento or pimiento is a type of pepper with high antibiotics and antioxidants effects on the tissues and body cells. Unlike other peppers, the flesh of pimento is sweet, succulent and it's more aromatic.

The Yoruba tribes of Nigeria eat alot of this pepper and that is one of the secrets of their longetivity.

Make use of pimento peppers in your daily food when you are having any form of heart problems also, to people whose blood types cannot absorb tomatoes.

People like blood group A and B, they can make use of this pepper for soup and stews, it works marvelously.

To do this, blend pimento peppers with few yellow peppers for sweet aroma, red onions, ginger, garlic, three pieces of cloves, a teaspoon of dried rosemary leaves, and a handful of goji berries for liver health. Then put it in a container, refrigerate to keep it safe and secure.

Use for your soups and stews anytime as a blood group A and B people, it is potently healthy. 

Other blood groups can also add it to their tomatoes for a healthier rejuvenation. It's a natural antibiotics and antioxidants.

It helps maintain heart health, tongue health, empties the stomach of infirmities, and helps harness problems associated with male private parts and the groin. Same for women and children of all ages.

Thanks for reading through, how often do you take Pimento Peppers? Share your thoughts, like and share this content.

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