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See photos of different kinds of meal eaten by the 3 ethnic groups in Nigeria

Nigeria is a great country housing different ethnic groups. These ethnic group all have different kinds of traditional, language, food types and dress code which sometimes makes it look like we're all different from each other and should be separated but in the real sense, these ethnic groups actually give the country that uniqueness among other countries as you tend to learn new life, food, culture and people even without leaving the shores of your country.

There are 3 major ethnic groups which are Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba and here are photos of various meals these people are known for so you can make choice and eat more for a healthier

A. Yoruba people and their meals:

1. Ewa agoyin(made from beans)

2. Iyan (Pounded Yam)

3. Amala (Yam floor)

4. Gbegiri (Soup made from beans)

5. Ofada rice

6. Moi Moi

7. Akara (bean cake)

8. Efo riro (Vegetable soup)

B. Igbo people and their meals:

1. Yam (can be roasted or cooked and eaten with palm oil, egg sauce etc)

2. Oha soup

3. Egusi soup

4. Vegetable soup

5. Fufu (Cassava)

6. Garri

7. Abacha (African salad)

8. Akara

9. Rice (can be jellof, white etc)

10. Onugbu soup (bitter leaf soup)

11. Agidi (can be eaten with pepper soup, akara etc)

12. Nkwobi

13. Ukwa( breadfruit)

C. Hausa people and their meals:

1. Dan wake( combination of beans floor, potash, pepper etc)

2.Miyan Geda ( groundnut soup)

3. Masa( made with tuwo - rice)

4. Suya or Tsire(meat spiced with groundnut pepper)

5. Tuwo Shinkafa (made with rice)

6. Dambu Nama

7. Fura da Nuno (Yoghurt with millet)

8. Killishi

9. Zogale (Moringa)

10. Kuli kuli (made from groundnut)

11. Miyan Taushe

Although there are many more meals these tribe eat but these are highlighted so you have a picture of what their major meals are and perhaps give them a trial some day.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Hope you learnt something new today....don't forget to like, share and comment other kinds of food you think aren't highlighted above and also follow me @Passcord for more updates.

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